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Comprehensive Evaluations

I offer evaluations that serve various purposes. When we meet for our initial appointment, we will discuss the purpose of the evaluation, and we will identify the evaluation that is most suited to your needs.  Evaluations explore various aspects of functioning including: 

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Organization and Planning
  • Motivation
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Academic Skills
  • Visual-Spatial Processing
  • Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension
  • Social Functioning
  • Personality Characteristics

Comprehensive Evaluations clarify barriers experienced in academic or workplace settings, offer insights into social and emotional experiences. They identify core strengths, provide strategies to improve functioning and reduce stress, and offer recommendations to support your needs.

Diagnostic Consultations and Brief Evaluations

Sometimes a comprehensive evaluation is not necessary to answer your questions or provide the services and support you need. In these cases, I offer brief evaluations. A brief evaluation or diagnostic consultation may help:

  • Uncover experiences of depression, anxiety, psychosis, mania, anger management, and relational difficulties.
  • Identify personal coping strategies.
  • Clarify aspects of interpersonal life, insight and judgment, risk-taking behavior, organizational style, and sensory processing experiences.
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